Introducing Calcimate for Sheep

Calcimate® is a high calcium supplement made from clean limestone (CaCO3) which is suitable for use in animal feeds as a calciam supplement. For sheep, Calcimate may form part of a balanced diet to ensure that the negative impacts of low Calcium are not observed.

Key Benefits

Maintain normal levels of growth and maintain metabolic systems

Assist to maintain normal bone growth in lambs

Maintain normal wool growth

Avoid the negative impacts of low Calcium diets

When to Apply

Apply Calcimate® Fine Limestone when sheep are not receiving calcium from natural sources including clove and legumes. Calcimate® can be applied all year round to assist in maintaining appropriate Calcium intake for normal growth and maintenance unless sheep are grazing legume pastures when sufficient Calcium should be available. Use with Ewe’s to assist normal growth of bones in lambs.




Ensure Phosphorus is provided at a similar ratio to calcium. Consult your nutritionist for more information.

Mixing and Feeding Guidelines

Calcimate® can be mixed with grain or other feed or fed on its own in a trough so sheep can consume voluntarily.

Disclaimer: All recommendations are general. For specific advice on nutrition and feed ratios consult your animal nutritionist or feed expert.