Introducing Calcimate for Swine

Calcimate® is a high calcium supplement made from clean limestone (CaCO3) which is suitable for use in animal feeds as a calcium supplement. For swine, use Calcimate® as part of an important mix of minerals to maintain animal weights and maintain bone structure.

Key Benefits

Maintain animal weights

Maintain healthy bones and avoid impacts of low calcium

When to Apply

Calcium is a normal component in the diet of growing pigs and should be fed throughout their lifecycle. Lactating & gestating sows must be fed adequate calcium in their diets. Calcimate® may provide some or all of the animals dietary calcium.




Ensure Phosphorus is provided at the correct ratio to calcium. Consult your nutritionist for more
information. For growing and lactating swine the ratio of calcium to phosphorus should not deviate
substantially from 1.2-1.5:1.

Mixing and Feeding Guidelines

Calcimate® is best fed as part of a balanced diet but it can be mixed with grain or other feed or fed on its own so pigs can consume voluntarily.

Disclaimer: All recommendations are general. For specific advice on nutrition and feed ratios consult your animal nutritionist or feed expert.